turbo vacuum lines?

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im in the process of installing my turbo and needed to know where to run the vacuum lines for the bov and wastegate?
ive seen some people use a vacuum/boost manifold, basically a little block thats got multiple ports. u could use the ones that are made to split air compressor lines, you'll find nice anodized ones.it helps clean up ur bay, then just tee the manifold to ur fpr. run ur bov n ur wastegate the the manifold.don't forget to zip tie all ur vac lines.
You do not want to run to many things off of your fpr vacuum line. I would suggest only run your waste gate off of the fpr vacuum line and then T off of one of the lines on the back of the intake manifold.
It might be a dumb question but what's an fpr?

fuel pressure regulator

i would recommend running the bov on its own line with nothin else really sharing it. i've heard a lot of people recommending T-ing into the pcv line, and it working quite well. if you have too many things sharing thin vaccum lines and then you add a bov you risk it not venting air like its supposed to and this often times results in compressor surge. which sounds cool, but is not a good thing lol.