TURBO Worries.

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Aight, I've decided to turbo my LS. I am just not sure what set up I wanna go with. :withstupid: I haven't decided on exaclty what turbo I want yet. But it's my daily driver and I am looking for a boost of about 100HP. I want it to be fast yet safe and reliable. I plan on changing the pistons and the rods. Should I lower the compression though?(maybe to 8.5:1?) I wanna play it safe and upgrade the injectors as well. What would be the reccomended CC for my setup? Will my stock springs and retainers be good or should I swap them out? One last question. Should I do all the internals first and then put in the turbo or install the turbo first, run the car on low boost, and then do the internals. Thanks for your help.
stock compression is fine at a hair over 9 to 1.
t3/t04e turbo is a good choice
fast and reliable = tuning. get hondata.
370-440 cc is plenty
head is fine... turbo mostly effects bottom end.
I say do it first- re-break the motor in, and then break in again with the turbo on it.
If I were to get a Hondata how exactly do they tune it? Do you have to tell them everything your car has now? Or they it in certain stages? would an upgraded fuel pump also be neccessary when boosting? Thanks for the all your info once again SOL.