Turbocharger.com Dsm Vs Mti T/a

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That's pretty cool. What was that stuff they were burning on the ground though? What kind of eclipse was that? and what's with the Kid Rock music? ;)
Originally posted by mwasnp@Mar 24 2003, 04:46 PM
Im surprised that eclipse didnt win by more.

Why b/c it was a full drag car? It was running a t78 or something turbo. 98-up firebirds/camaro's run 11's as H/C (heads/cam) cars. 10's are VERY common with not much done (ls-1's gain greatly with mods) and 9's are getting common on the streets and still be fine. Yes, AWD launches are great, but they run around the same 1/4 time.
they were burning all the oil and impurities off the road so you could get a good launch and there wouldnt be a bunch of bullshit on the street... poor dumbestic... didnt know what he was getting himself into :)
i like the video....HATE kid rock. that guy gives white trash a bad name.....