Turbo's On F22b's

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OK i'm looking for info about roughly in the rev range a T3/T4 with, say, .63 AR will hit boost on an F22B, and also what kind of power i could expect with such a setup running about 8psi?

Also, would a stock intercooler from a '94-ish TT Supra be any good for a low-boost setup?

Cheers :)
t3/t4 at a psi will push 100 horse, roughly...

a supra intercooler is f'in huge.. way too big for 8 psi
The stock side-mount cooler? You reckon that one's too big??
Originally posted by poid@Jan 24 2003, 05:29 PM
The stock side-mount cooler? You reckon that one's too big??

ehh- im gonna disagree with B on this one...the stock tt supra intercooler should be fine. I used a massive spearco intercooler on my old turbo (14g) at 6 psi and there was less than 1 psi pressure drop.

Side mount intercoolers would be kind of difficult to mount most hondas, just get a real FMIC and be happy with it :) They will also probably have better efficieny levels than the stock supra intercooler
Yeh i mean the only reson that i am asking is cos i can get one for nothing, and so figured if that will do the job then i wont need to spend any more on that part of the conversion.

I guess i have to get dimensions and measure it up, and actually have a good look at the cooler. From what i have seen on em the main problem is that it looks pretty fat.