Tweaking The Motor...

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What kinda tweaks can i do to my motor that will make it run better times or just overall get more hp or whatever??? things like, timeing advance... etc
first what type of motor and or car do you have???
but in general you can change the following:
cam shaft/s
cam gears
Intake manifold
ect... there are so many things you can do, these are just a few suggestions... but we need specifics to help you out, you may want to start with Intake Header and Exaust if you have not already done so.
yeah i knew of those mods... but i was thinking more along the lines of... advancing the timin... intake (i have already done), and thing which i can adjust which i already have to make the car run faster times... not neccissarily getting bolt-ons... i have a JDM b20a, DOHC
everything comes at a price.. if you advance the timing, you will lose low end, but gain high end... if you retard it you will lose high and gain low...

best free modification:

lose weight...

losing weight is like gaining power.
So pills in our little honda seeing that they not so strong in the torque area would you suggest retarding the ignition ???

just curious I know torque gets you off the line, and HP is what wins the race so it's really a toss up ??