type r motor

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i am buying b18c7 jdm motor but not sure what year this motor cam on
itr .is it for 2dr or 4dr,obd1 or obd2. do u guys have any ideas?thanks.
its for real .iam not sure which year,it must be pre 98 itr.it has two piece
I never knew the B18C series went past 5.
well i just learned that they made a C4, maybe who knows, they might have made a C7 or else you are just getting screwed, Good Luck :lol:
ive never heard of anything over a c5 either.. but if it really does exist my guess would be that is obd2
i knwo there is a c6
but i never heard a c7 either.
the C6 and C7 are both from the 96 spec type R ... im guessing one is Euro spec and one is Japan spec or somethin like that ... but it is from a 96 type r
U.K. and Euro-spec. cars use the B18C6 version of the 1797cc engine:

US-spec motors are designated as the B18C5, and the Australians use a B18C7 on their ITRs. JDM 98specRs simply have "B18C" as the motor designation.
so its Aust. spec. motor thanks Slohonda. Do have any idea what kind
of octaine is required for Australian itr. do they use leaded or unleaded
fuel.thanks again.
it is still a honda engine with a high c/r fill it with super if you can afford it if not 89 will be fine unleaded
i am in Jordan 90% of vehicles use lead fuel .we have very few gas
stations that offer unleaded but octaine is 87 RON at best.this itr motor
is realy cheap $400 .
$400 is incredible for an R motor. 87 is not so good. I don't know if the R motor will blow itself up on that or not.
now i have jdm b18c(gsr) with lsd in my 96 ex coupe on hot day 35
degrees C. the engine knocks 90 degrees F.
Then I would say the R motor will knock as well, I don't know the compression in the C7 but if it is the same as the C5 it won't handle 87 octane on a hot day.
i think so too.i try to add octaine plus additive on really hot days,it helps
some but not much.
i wonder who could tell me the compression for c7 .
anyone from down under here? wow 400 for a type R. Are all the engines overthere that cheap (is it american dollars) damn you could buy my enigne then send it here to the states