type S camshaft ??

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Is a type S cam shaft worth getting for a H22 non SH......or should i get skunk2 stage 2 cam shaft. but it won't be smog legal. Or get the skunk2 stage 2 cam shaft....and take it out to smog but is it hard to replace the cam shaft ???????

need info!! please
You don't want to pull your cams every time you need to get smogged- it's not a good idea. Honestly, nobody's going to pull apart your engine to see what cams are in there. If you pass the sniff test with the came in, you should be fine.
If you can find a good deal on the Type S cams, they'd be a decent improvement (they bump the Type S engines up to 220hp). The Skunk2 Stage 2's would be even better, but would probably require you to upgrade your valvetrain.