Upgrading to XenForo

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I got nothing done this weekend on the site. sorry. had company :X
I want to get some stickers that promote the man pedal. If you do stickers maybe incorporate the man pedal somehow.
Thats very insensitive of you. B worked very hard on this for all of us to enjoy, then you come along and spout hurtful things about him.

of course, its not much of a matter, some asshat called briansol came and booted b's ass and used nazi tactics to seize control of the place.
took some getting use to but i like it now, the only thing missing is a way to neg rep or dislike post lol.
I agree it's a bit ugly... there's some graphic work still to come. I've been super busy and just haven't had time to dedicate to it in the past week or so. My life comes first, period. The site works, the info is here. The pretty factor can come later. The gallery re-release is in the works, a new logo, and a bunch of other improvements are coming.
thats what i was thinking but i cant seem to find it anywhere, the only thing im seeing is report lol.
there should be a reply box at the end of the conversation just like a post...

what device are you using?
and i just noticed i click on my older messages and the reply button is there. but nothing on the new one.
There is an option when creating a message to 'lock' it out of replies...
sounds like that is what happened in this case.


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How do i change the number of posts per page i can view?
is there a way to update the forum icon? when i go to frequently visited pages, hondaswap is defaulted to the xenForo logo.