Vtec help

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New Member
Recently, my car has been kind of studdering when engaging into vtec. I believe it's occuring at engagement point and sometimes at 7600 rpm. I'm not sure if it's cause i'm low in oil or something....This is a jdm h22a in an EG. I'm running a chipped p28 and its chipped for vtec at 5500 and no rev limiter.I need help to figure out why my motor is studdering. thanks
Well i checked my oil and it's a little low and looks like it could use an oil change..do you think thats my problem?
Low oil could cause vtec not to kick in. It never hurts to do an oil change anyway. Change it and run it again. It could solve your problem.
i figured it was my oil so i changed it yesterday. running alot better and stronger. thanks guys. i think i was like about a quart or two. to much vtec?