Vtec pressure switch

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I ordered a jdm d15b and I heard that they dont usually come with the vtec pressure switch on them and if they do mine didnt. So where can I find me one of these? I tried browsing online and couldnt find much and I wired most of the wiring harness up with an Si harness but I have that green plug left over of course. Thanks a lot.
check the for sale section on here i saw some on there not to long ago. then ebaymotors always has a few your gonna need on for a z6
Thanks bro, yeah I checked the sale section briefly and I'll check again but if I play my cards right I should be pulling my old motor out tomorrow and hopefully putting the new one in right after or the next day so I doubt I'll get the pressure switch by then, so how is the engine going to run without that switch?
it will be fine but i wouldnt go over 4000 rpm until you got it fixed
Yeah I'm not gonna go wild just yet, I wanna see how the thing rides and make sure its reliable anyway. Thanks again.