vtec + turbo ????

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vtec is always better than non-vtec.

i have yet to see a non-turbo put down hp numbers that vtec motors do.

its all tuning...and getting the air/fuel ratio correct. i have a friend running a built gsr turbo and with 5psi he's running with ls1's and lt1's from a roll.

with tuning, ie bigger injectors, he will bump the psi up to 10 and walk the same cars hes running with now.

i've also seen a b16a here in tampa that put down 406hp to the wheels. vtec is amazing technology...for those claiming turbo is not good with vtec...they're wrong.


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basically, the duration of VTEC cams is open a long time for turbo

and because of this, you have that overlap.

it can be solved with a set of turbo cams, and cam gear timing.

That said, would I ever boost a VTEC?

if i was filthy rich, owned my own dyno, and was god of honda tuning.