Vtec Wiring On Jdm H22

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My H22A is completely bolted down, and most of the wiring and stuff is done already. I need to know which VTEC wires go to which places on the JDM ecu. Also, I had a question as to whether or not this engine has an internal coil, or an external. My engine did not come with a coil, but the guy that sold it to me sent along a distributor cap(new) for the engine. It doesn't fit. There is a post that sticks straight out from the distibutor, and a spring tipping out past the edge of that post. Is that the coil, or is that a pickup from an external coil? Thanks, Tyson
i wish i could help you with your wiring troubles, but i CAN help you with your distributor confusion. the jdm h22a DOES come with an internal coil, if you need to get a distributor or cap for it, i got the cap for my jdm h22a from honda for a 96 accord.
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