Vtec Wiring

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I'm doing a GSR'95 swap in my 90 teg, I know how to put the motor, tranny,axles, etc in. But this will only make it look like it will run. How and What EXACTLY do you have to wire up.(Vtec solenoid, Knock sensor, Wires?) If there are any sites that include good pics and instructions on how to WIRE the car up that would help too. Basically, any help will do. :worthy:
well, you need to run the three wires to the ecu...and it also depends on what ecu you're running?

are you running a conversion harness, or using an obd0 ecu?

give me the details on which ecu you're running, and it will make things easier...
I'm planning on converting to 0BD1, but if you think it's easier with the OBD0 and it won't make that much of a HP difference than go for that.