Walbro, too much or my D-series?

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New Member
I'm planning a K-series swap this summer, unfortunately my fuel pump bit the dust recently. I was planning on upgrading to a Walbro 190/255lph Fuel Pump anyway and since my pump needs replacing right now I figured I might as well go ahead and put in the Walbro now. My question is, will it work fine with my current D-series engine? I don't see why not, but I thought I should ask just to make sure.

I actually had the same problem, and used the Walbro fuel pump in my stock 92 Civic DX for almost a year and didnt have any problems.
Hey thanks, for the replies. I was a little concerned about the stock regulator, but sounds like it'll be alright and for a K swap Wally comes highly recommended ( even more so now that I'm thinking I'll use the K24a2 instead of the K20a2)