Want To Rebuild B18a

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I Just Got A '92 B18a Motor For My '90 Integra (Motor Going Bad) And Want To Rebuild It From The Bottom Up. I Want It As A Daily Driver, So It Needs To Be Reliable, But I Want It To Be Moderately Fast, Nothing Out Of This World Or A 10 Sec. Street Monster. I Really Dont Know Much Beyond The Basic Understanding Of The Engine And I Have Been Researching And Asking People Around. What I Was Wanting To Do Is Put JDM ITR Internals In It 'Cuz I Figured It Would Be Reliable And Not Too Expensive, Is That A Good Idea?


slapon some pistons, give it a stage 1 head work, if you want...port and polish, some nice air/fuel components, i/e/h/.....just some minor mods and basic tuning...


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ITR Internals won't work. I don't know who keeps telling everyone that this works. It doesn't it never has and it never will. As for a solid NA bottom end, go to our LSVTEC post in the FAQ and use the same bottom end parts from that.


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Thanx For The Info, You Know People Keep Telling Me That They Will Work On Any B-Series Motor That Is Why I Thought That They Would