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Q: Can someone on the site run a CARFAX report for me on this VIN?

A: NO!

HondaSwap is not some place where you can come ask leech off somone else's CARFAX account. CARFAX provides a very good service for you to look up automobile information with VINs, and you really should go pay to use it. One fact that you ought to know- CARFAX accounts last only for one month, then it's over. Nobody on here just has a CARFAX account that is dirt cheap and lasts them forever- it just doesn't work like that. Would you want to pay $20 for an account and then have everyone in the world ask you to run reports for them for free? I know I don't. CARFAX doesn't either.

If you're seriously in the used car market, go buy an account yourself. If you're that curious about finding DMV records and title transactions relating to a car you're interested in, go get an account for yourself. What happens if the car you want isn't available anymore? Are you going to ask that same person on the board who was nice enough to give you a free report that they had to pay $20 to get for another free one? What if you're really diligent in the used car market and truly research 40-50 cars before buying one like I do?




Twenty bucks is a small price to pay when you're looking at dumping thousands of dollars on a car anyway. Support the service that provides the information for you. What happens when CARFAX can't operate anymore because people keep getting reports for free? That's right- they either shut down, raise their prices, or start prosecuting people just like the Nazis in the music business. Get an account on your own. It's worth the money.

Any more threads asking for free CARFAX reports are subject to lock and deletion from this day forward.