welp, I'm an uncle

My sister had her daughter today... 5 weeks too early.

I guess it stopped growing, so they pulled it.

shes 4 lbs 8 oz right now, but both my sis and Megan, my Niece are doing fine. so, happy 0 years old to my neice Megan.


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i have been a uncle since i was 14.

dont offer to baby sit untill there out of diapers!

congrats to your sister and i hope megan is healthy


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Don't worry...when you get my age it will be different....I'm a great uncle....My sister's daughter already popped one out last year....sad...I know...I don't have any kids of my own...and both my sisters already have two of them...hell, My Grandmothers are already Great Great Grandma's..... :(


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I've been an uncle 4 times - Wait till they get old enough to be interested in what their Uncle is racing. I get tackled when I Get to my sister's house - with her pre-teens and teenage boys wanting to take the car out!

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I cant wait till my nephew is old enough to drive. I want to teach him how to drive stick.....if I still have one by then.....

Congratulations pissedoffuncle!!


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congrats B you can teach her all you know about cars and how to start a project and not finish it. just kidding B