Were To Buy Theft Recovered Cars?

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Were to buy theft recovered cars? I know I did put this topic in the wrong spot but I couldnot find any other forums...
So if u know were to buy theft recovered.
im not sure about theft recoveries, but you can always try police auctions, bank auctions and government auctions because they all usually sell stuff real cheap. most of the time they are listed in your local paper in the Classified section with a toll free number that you can dial to get more info about it. try that and see what happens and good luck.
umm everyday there is atleast 2 auctions in any given state. I worked for a towing auction and we had them every tuesday and saturday. Every yard usually has an auction and stuff. Look up the towing companies and attend as many as you can in a few months and you can get a real nice car for real cheap. Oh yeah never buy from govn't or state auctions, if you do they set a minimum so you can only go from a certain price to way up and above the blue book price. Good luck.