what do I need to do about wiring harness

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I started an b18a engine swap out of a 91 integra into rex. I'm trying to find the b-series engine mounts for cheap and a conversion harness if necessary if any one has any ideas of what else I need to do or any of you honda gods can help me figure this mess out let me know ASAP! :worthy:
If the rex is an HF or Si its plug and play. Just remove the old engine, install the new engine using mounts (http://hasport.com, cheap mounts break, do it right the 1st time), plug in the sensors, plug in the integra ECU, and drive away.

If you have a DX, you have to do the DPFI to MPFI conversion, which pretty much entails splicing in the wiring for 2 more injectors. There should be a write up on it somewhere.
go on ebay and type in "civic mount kit". you can find 1 on there for around 150 bux. use your stock harness and just mod it according to the application.

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