What do you pay for car insurance ?

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state: make, model, year, married/single, age , full coverage or not and limits if you know em, State you live in, and the company you use.

So as of sept 7th, since I got married.
Honda CRX 1991, married, full coverage 50/100/50, CT, Farmers Ins.
I'm payin $571 every 6mos.
Well, this is all pre-accident, so it's set to change.
1995 Honda Accord, Black, 133,000 miles (chassis)
I'm 25, single, HAD no accidents or tickets
$500 collision deductible, $500 comprehensive deductible
American Family Insurance charged me $474 every 6 months
I pay $113 a month for the same coverage dohc listed. So $678 every 6 months. Never caused an accident and I have 2 speeding tickets. One for no points. (I love NM).
I am 16, have a del Sol (hint asmallsol) Have limited coverage, (if i hit some one and it is less than 50% my fault, they give me cash) Dont know about all the deductable and all that. I have AAA. I pay 60 a month, that is not a type-o i pay ever other month $120. The insurance is in my dads name (he is over 50) and i am just a secondary driver.
damn, I have full coverage and one accident that was my fault (my car rolled away while i wasn't in it :rolleyes: ) and one vandalism claim and one speeding ticket. They jacked it up over $4000 a year so i switched to some b rate company and still pay $180 a month
B. who you got your insurance thru ??
you lucky bastard
I am 25, have my 1994 Civic EX and 1969 VW Beetle on my insurance and pay $2500/year with $500 deductables on the Civic and liability on the Bug. Insurance would actually be more if I insured the Civic alone. My insurace company is American Family
uh lets see here

2000 Civic Si - $1867 full year
$500 Collision $500 Comprehensive
Very not so clean driving record

Liberty Mutual Insurance
i'm insured on my dads truck, a 95 Nissan pickup, king cab. it was cheaper to insure me on that then it was on my car, but i'm paying 160 a month for liability only

oh, i'm 17, 18 in 18 days though :)
god damn, $160/mo for liability?

i pay $50/mo for full coverage w/ $250 deductible.. and i have a reckless, a speeding, a no seatbelt ticket, and an accident that was my fault..!
i have 1 accident on my record, ot tickets or anything else.. it's pretty shitty, good thing my parents pay it huh? lol
I have one of the Highest coverages for liability, so I pay more for liability than the basic coverage.
Ct, I pay 1500 bucks a year for full coverage on my 91 Civic, and 95 Blazer.
sorry for got to mention that my liability is


with Uninsured Motorists Conversion
'94 Honda Civic Single (family) Live in FL with Nationwide Insurance. 110 for full insurance...that's being on my parents plan. If I went on my own, it would be 1760 every 6 months. Fuckin' wreck and careless driving ticket!
i have no accidents (mine wasnt my fauld so my insurance doesnt change)
just under 1200/yr W/O colission, $250 deductible