what do you think of these rims

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why don't people just post the picture? is it really that hard?
because Rotas are heavier, more money, the 590.00 is tires, certificates, shipping, the whole nine yards not just for rims

they are the Drag DR 9s not knock of MF 10's
Mugen MF10s

Drag DR9s

nope not a knock off at all :rolleyes:
quite unless you know what you're talking about


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I think they will look good, and yes they are mugen knock offs...
i like em'

but when i go to buy wheels, i dont care too much about if they are knock offs or the real deal. i go 90% on looks. thats also how i buy clothes, shoes, food..... or anything really
i like em'

but when i go to buy wheels, i dont care too much about if they are knock offs or the real deal. i go 90% on looks. thats also how i buy clothes, shoes, food..... or anything really

so... you're basically saying you would eat a piece of shit if it was painted captiva blue and sporting gold wheels??? :eek:
when it comes to food i'm a bit more motivated by the smell... rather than the look of it.. you won't see me eating a tasty looking turd.. mostly cuz well.. the shit is gonna smell like what it is.. shit.