What Engine Should I Swap Into Honda Prelude 94 Si

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Yea same thing:What engine should I swap into Honda Prelude 94 si...
And whats an easyer SWAP???
Well, you've already got an H23 in there. So if you want to run a turbo....don't swap. If you want to run normally aspirated, either get yourself a full H22 swap (comes with the added benefit of a tighter tranny), or if you can find an inexpensive head and ECU (not likely), you can try doing the H22/H23 hybrid.
Yeah preludes have powerful engines in them already. The only problem is that the parts for them are a bit harder to find and the markets are just now starting to flourish with new items for them. Prelude parts also cost a bit more than ...let's say civic parts.
Civic parts = D-series
Prelude parts = H-series
For a bigger, stronger engine (stock), I'd expect that.