What Gauges Should I Get

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For sure i am going to run NA but i am not sure what engine i am going to get but I am getting there. I want to have the Swap be one of the last steps I do and have all my others leading up to it. For suspention i know what i am getting and when spring comes i am ordering it.

Anyways one thing that I am planning on doing is buying some Gauges for stuff like Oil pressure, Air/Fuel mixture and stuff like that.

What kind of gauges should I look at if I am going NA?
Keep in mind all my sol has is Gas, speedo, tach and water temp.

I was probally going to just get the kind that mount up on the A(?) piller cause it looks clean.
What brands should I look at how much am I looking at?
How is the Install, wiring wise?

Thanks for the help,

*EDIT- will they work with what ever ecu I use in the swap?
egt, oil pressure, oil temp is what i would get for n/a. Maybe battery voltage. I have a/c autotechnic factory gauge faces and the 2 inch boost, oil pressure, and a a/f gauge made by a/c autotechnic. It looks badass, everything is reverse indiglo.

I would get those- and i know where you can get the 3 gauge pillar pod, made specifically for the sol. Looks perfect, no seams and it replaces the entire a- pillar

*EDIT- will they work with what ever ecu I use in the swap?

Come on guys i need more opions, what you have been happy with, what you will never do again.

SolReaver, what brand was that one 3 pod a piller thing for the sol?
Originally posted by asmallsol@Jan 12 2003, 10:47 PM
what is the egt? So you dont think i need the A/F guage? How much did you spend on your gauges?

EGT- Exhaust gas temps. Critical for turbo setups, and im not sure about n/a but im sure it is better than any other gauge. Most cheap a/f meters are useless, a wideband would be nice so you can tune your car. My oil pressure gauge was 40 bucks, boost is 35 and a/f is 30. Damn good prices for how nice these gauges look, especially at night. They are of solid construction and im sure the accuracy is good (ac is a reputable company, sponsoring many drag cars)

The 3 pod pillar is made by Al Hajek, (blownsol over at hondalife.com) Mine cost me 110 but you can get them for 65 if you pm him on hondavision.com.

I like automoeter gauges too, just that the ac reverse glow looks soo much nicer.



Honestly.. who gives a fuck about how pretty they look. I want my gauges 100% function and acuratcy (sp?).. Autometer or VDO IMO are 2 of the best.
Here is a pic of the pillar pod that i have- up close in person, its flawless. Looks much nicer than the gay add on 3 pod pillar things that you drill into your factory a pillar.


Here is the ebay link-


B- I have no idea where that thing in that pic mounts, i just got it to show how the ac gauges look at night.

Domeskilla- I care about how pretty they look. In my experience with these gauges, they work just as good as the autometer ultra lites that i used to have. In fact- i actually had some problems with my autometer boost gauge when i had it. AC autotechnic is a reputable name brand, i have heard no complaints about any of their products.

And besides, why not buy gauges that look a hell of a lot nicer than autometer ones, when they work just as good if not better and are also cheaper? :)

I like the defi gauges also.
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Jan 13 2003, 04:21 AM
werd- i placed a bid :)

I hope you didnt place the bid for too much money-

Go to hondavision and send "blownsol" a PM. He will hook it up if he knows that youre a hondavision member. Thats what he told me- but only after i wont the auction on ebay :(

Expect that thing to sell for around 100-120 dollars, i think he will sell them to hondalife members for like 65...

So does this mean the LS/T is still underway :)