What should i do?

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Hey whats up. I just got a 1996 civic ek HB and i wanted to no what motor i should put in. I was thinking about putting a H22 but im not sure because ive been hearing alot about the under and over steer because of the massive engine. However the power and torque is what draws me to it. The other problem is that i wanted to build a car thats more handling then power because i want to be the only person out of my buddies doing 170km/h on an off ramp :eek: . What motor u suggest me putting in? i dont mind putting a smaller motor like b18c and then NA or Boost. If that what should i do NA or Boost? thanx i appreciate it.
Hey just though you'd like to know that if you post your topic in one forum it will get answered two or more and you may get an anal rimming.Also 106mph on a downhill slope?You can do that with a stock motor.
Originally posted by 22crazy@Dec 24 2002, 03:23 PM
what do u mean

I mean you posted the same question in another forum,and the admins and mods tend to get annoyed by that and lock the thread.Most people look at all the forums so if you give it a minute someone will answer your questions. ;) :D by the way welcome
oh alright sorry man, and admins, i wont do it again...its just i needed to no what motor, sorry. oh ya i meant on ramps, i want the acceleration, but im afraid of the weight of the motor from what ive been hearing from people.