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i was wondering if just swaping a engine is all that great. is there sights to go to where thay build motors that have higher hp/torq posably set up for a turbo or come with a turbo how i see it if im going to go to the trouble of swaping i want to get the most i can get for my$ please help me with this matter im just getting in to this and i want to learn how to build a fast street crx thanks
Dude, u can build up ur lame d16 all u want, but when push comes to shove unless u shell out a shitload on a turbo or nos, my B18a with I/H/E will own ur ass. its not that d16's suck, but they arent made for the same power or speed as any B series motor. building motors is good, but u gotta have a good base, personnally i dont think a d16 is a good starter motor to dump alot of $$ into.