What should I do?

  • Sr-20det 240sx

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  • b16 crx with a good suspension

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  • Turbo my pos Civic

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  • Buy a 94-95 Integra suspension for now then ls/vtec

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  • Sell the Blazer and Civic buy a full size pickup or s10 zr2

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  • Sell the Civic to put an engine in the boat

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  • Keep the Blazer and save up for a house

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  • Anyone want to buy my Civ

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I can't decide what I want to do. I rarely drive the Civic but when I do it feels good to get back in it. I think that the 4 dr is ugly as hell so I kind of want to upgrade. Any ideas of other cars i should look into? I will have a budget of about 5 grand for now on the car. I want to buy a house in the near future so I can't be married to another car.
b16a1 or b18a1 the four door..... I love the forth gen four door and i think it's a total sleeper...
i voted for "Sr-20det 240sx"

i dont really think that you can do all that for 5 grand. the older gen 240sx's (like 1992) are around 2k-3k and then a red top sr20det is another 3 grand. 240sx is rear wheel drive and upgrading that sr20det is easy. my friend recently swapped a sr20det into his 92 240sx.

my second choice would be to get a 94-95 integra ls and have some fun with that. :D
i voted for the integra one just change the integra to a 92-95 hatch
mmmmm SR20DEt aahhhhhhhhhh

I have seen guys pull 400+hp out on stock internals, talk about the most ludicrisly overbuilt 4-cly ever!!!
the crank is rated at 500hp...STOCK!!!
there are two types of sr20det's

the ser =style is made for FWD.
the s15 style is made the RWD.

so make sure you get the right one
Originally posted by rixXxceboy@Oct 21 2002, 12:20 AM
i didnt vote cause i think you should just put the money towards a house. call me crazy! :)

Shit, that's what I did instead of buying a turbo kit. I'll always be askin myself if I made the right decision.....
get a CA18det for a 240sx. Cheaper, but not under 5000 still. And you can get s13/s14 black/red-top SR20det's that are RWD.


this guy is starting up his shop. It's in Iowa, but he'll ship an engine anywhere in lower 48 for like $200. 240sx.org is a good nissan community too.
lol no one thinks the saving up the house is a good idea
i voted for the teg ls/vtec idea but a house could be useful sometime in the near future
I need to get a gas sipper, since I am spending 12bucks a day in gas. I am thinking save for a house but thats not too fun.