What Should I Put In My Civic

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I have a 94 SI hatchback with the d16z6 engine. I need more power and i was thinking its time for a swap. If i swap in a b18b will i feel that much of a difference. Or am I better off dropping in a b16? Is it possible for me to just run my d-series on boost? Help. Im kinda confused here.
You have a vtec so don't short yourself.Get either a B16siRII or a B18C1,both are easy and between $2500-$3200 complete swap.B18B is good for turbo,but if your going N/A,stick with the vtec's.
How much power do you want? Everyone is swapping to b-series, non-the-less they are great motors. Your d-series can handle boost. Calesta has some friends who are pushing 210-215 to the wheels with stock internals on a d-series motors. Upgraded internals and turbo cam and good tuning can get you 250 or so to the wheels.

For the money you spend on turboing the d-series, you could have dropped a b-series in, but if you are the type that is content with a certain amount of power, you dont like going faster and faster and dumping $$$ into a motor. Then pushing the stock (eh, i would upgrade for safety) d-series to 220-240 or so should completely satisfy your needs. You will be able to get a b-series and then do bolt ons for the prive of turboing the d-series. So..

b16sir 2 = 2250
b18c1 = 3200
b18c5 = 4650
b18b = 1200-1500
b20b/b20z = 750 (long block, no tranny)

Those are decent prices. Turbo kit for z6 is 2000 bucks and you will have more power and torque then anything listed there. (well, maybe more torque or the same torque as b20's)
Good info Codee... those guys running turbo on the D16s at 215-220whp stock internals were pushing 180-200 lbft at the wheels also. You get more torque with the D16 under boost than you do with the B16 because the D16's stroke is a lot longer. So yeah- the D16Z6 turbo will push a LOT more torque than a B20 block.

The 250whp built up number was short because he ran out of fuel... the D16Y8 that he's got built up now has a larger turbo kit and bigger injectors, and he's shooting to blow way past 300whp now.