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rims or hood?

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90 accord

Chicks dig the box
what do you think? i can get a REAL carbon fiber hood for 350 bucks, NEW *+ tax*

and i can get some 17's of my choice, with tires *i know, rice, but i want 17's :D * for 650 to 750 NEW *+tax*
everybody on this board is gonna vote for the hood. go to superhonda and everybody will say "get dos blingin' shizzy dubs y0". but if it were my money, i'd spend the money modding out the engine before i spent it on weight reduction. it sounds like you're somewhat of a ricer, by you avatar and what you choose to, in my oponion, waste your money on.
go with the 17's anything smaller looks like a 13" steelie on an accord not to mention like B said the CF hood is gunna look :ghey: with the poop-up head lights
i don't have pop up headlights- look at my gallery, links in my sig..

i guess you can call me a ricer.. i wanna look descent before i go for speed.. my car has 140,000 miles on it, and it doesn't have much potential; thus requiring a new motor.. i want to look descent before i swap in an h22. rims, cf hood*which first, i ono*, then save for the swap, is my plan
<---------------- :owned:

shit i got my accord gens all fucked up :(

ok my friend has that style accord ... hes got a CF hood on it it doesnt look too bad i guess

id still get the rims first though

im not sure how good CF would look with that color either <_<
its going to get a new paint job as well, when i have the old motor out, so i can paint the bay as well. i was thinking about some kind of blue color, but, i'm not sure yet.
then wait on the CF hood till its gunna get painted ... go for the 17s :)

BTW theres a blue i saw on a new acura ... really dark f00kin sweet lookin it would look nice on your car .... ill try to find info on the color

**** i think it was Aegean Blue Pearl from the CL(?) type S
Why would the 17's be considered rice in the first place? Whats wrong w/ rims? As long as they arent blingin, I dont see the problem. Accords aren't exactly small cars either.
i voted for the rims. you'll get alot more performance out of rims than from a cf hood...plus, a car with a cf hood and stock rims looks ricey. about the size of the rim, i wouldnt go more than 3 sizes above stock, or it starts to look ghetto IMO...and they would probably rub alot too.
17's have no place on a Civic... 15's, 16's max(although it is hard to find good tires in 16" sizes)... on a larger car like an Accord or Prelude i would definatly go with a 17...
cf hood is dirty.... its dank if it is painted to match the car!
Originally posted by 90 accord+Jan 8 2003, 01:50 PM-->
Originally posted by doofnoil@Jan 8 2003, 12:52 PM
90 accord
@Jan 8 2003, 01:53 AM
i wanna look descent before i go for speed..

that is pure ricer mentality....tuner would be exact opposite.... :)

thank you for posting something i prevously stated. i'm goindg all rice, i just want rims and a cf hood*mainly cuz my hood is all sratched and dented* then save for the swap.

there aint nuthin wrong with that B) all the "show before go" bashing is really just people's opinions. if this was hondagallery everyone would support your decision.
all i'm going to do to my car before the swap is lower *already done* rims and a hood, and i could care less if you think i'm rice or not, because i really don't care what anyone else thinks about my car. i was mearly asking what one i should do first because both are going to be done, but in what order.
Voted wheels. 16"s are ok on Accords, just don't get those tiny tires like mine (205/40's) Get at least 50's . But on 17" wheels, 215/40's look good.
CF hoods are the :ghey: unless on a white car.
go with the rims first. u'll be REALLY happy with it. i kno i was when i got my 17" on my CIVIC. and they look tight. it's coo u dont care what others think b/c u shouldnt shit man its ur car. do what u want with it. i dont get that whole ricer this ricer that shit. i think it's just bs. ppl do what they want with their cars. anywayz, RIMS.