What To Put In 1st Gen Crx

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ok i am thinking of bying a first gen Si and if i do so i want to make it one bad ass mofo....i am a previous owner of a 1st gen eclipse gsx so i like my power....i was figuring on eventually boostin it up with a decent turbo i have my stock one from my old eclipse....maybe that alng with a starion intercooler ...anyways.....what is the best engine to use....i will prbably want to go through it and bulletproof it to 9 grand and boost it up pretty hard any ideas on most cost efficient way to do it???
To make a 1st gen rex fast,swap in a B16A,after that's up to you and your wallet how much building and boost you want to do.
yeah like he said. b -16. and dont let anybody tell you different. it will be the cheapest Vtec swap that you can do for your car. it will be fast from the get go and will rule when you go turbo. yes a type r would be fater bla bla bla. but a b-16 is cost effective and will give you the opportunity to spend more money going turbo.
b18 is a nice swap and its also cost effective