What type of oil should i use for my y21 with lsd?

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I put 10w30 in it but my friends was telling me that since it has lsd it might use different oil. Does anyone know?



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Originally posted by bklyneg@Jun 23 2005, 10:31 PM
yes, there is lsd oil. try the kaaz brand works good for me.
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I believe this is only needed if you are running a clutch type LSD and not a gear type. Otherwise the honda trans fluid or a good 10W30 weight will work. NO SYNTHETIC! :D


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Does an LSD transmission sound different than a regular one? What i mean by this is when driving it it kinda sound like a skateboard bearing that has dirt in it. Its not to loud though. Just wondering if i should be conserned.


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^^ If the sounds you are talking about is while turning then yes, that is the LSD chatter. It will go away as it breaks in.

As for oil, I use GM Synchromesh Friction Modified for my y1 b16 tranny with KAAZ LSD. I'm too cheap to pay $30 a Liter for KAAZ oil.


honda MTF is the best chit for your tranny.