What would I need for a B16A swap in an 89' civic?

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I was wondering, I have a buddy (blackteg) has a B16A from his brothers car in his shop and I was thinking about dropping it into my car. I have a 89' Civic Dx 4-door. I really want a cheap swap and I would rather have a B16 than a ZC. Can any of you tell me what I would need for the swap into my car? Like motor mounts, ECU and stuff like that? And if you could roughly how much cost wise. TANX.
If you want a cheap swap, don't get the B16. Unless you consider 2000-2500 cheap. Are you doing the work yourself? That plays a big factor in cost. Anyways..
Wiring Harness and Conversion Harness
Custom Axles
If ya do it yourself, I would guess maybe 1600-1900
In a shop, closer to 1800-2500
well, if you are getting the motor for free-- you still need:
mounts: $500
ecu : 100-150 ish
shift linkage: $200 ish from hasport

plus misc shit like hoses and belts
So what do you recommend then that's cheap, besides a ZC? An H22 is gonna be worse than the B16 we don't even want to talk about an LS it's gonna be even more so what other options do I have?
If cheap is a major part of the vocabulary, you should reconsider swapping engines. It's not a cheap process - cheap is the kind of thing that gets people hurt or disappointed. Cheap =/= thorough..
Doing the work yourself:
ZC: $800 130hp/108lb-ft
D16:$800 125hp/106lb-ft
B16:$1600-2000 158/112
minime:$400 i dunno the specs, somewhere between d16z6 and d15b2 specs, i would imagine something like 120/103
actually a mini me will yield a higher HP than the Z6 itself because of compression. Its usually around 130HP for a mini me swap!
Yeah but the z6 is more reliable. The mini-me is prone to overheating if it is not built properly. You can pick up a z6 for about 500 bucks.