whatcha git?

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hey all whatcha git for Christmas? i got some jeans, socks, some shirts, a new phone and Dreamweaver MX...oh and a cool looking saucer sled. LOL i cant wait to try that thing out....LOL
I got a Dale Ernhardt t-shirt from our command sargent major LOL.Electric razor,digital camera(can you say pics of projects as they progress)some xbox games.
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Dec 25 2002, 10:16 AM
a ton of other shit that no one cares about because it isn't car related!


<-- got nothing car related! :angry: fucking parents!
got my skunk2 springs, bunch of stuff not car related, some cash, and a gift on the way from my brother that has to be car related but he won't say. I trust him though as he's the reason I'm not driving a mustang!

My parents own! Bought me a 33 gallon compressor, and a bunch of air tools!!!!! WERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<- throws out his hand tools :)

i also got some shades from my mom for the windows.. sleeping in the day sucks (i work 3rd shift remember) with no shades.
my great aunt (like 80- yrs old) bought me a pair of perry ellis silk boxers! LMAO its funny shit
umm i think thats all i got... :/ kinda lame, but the compressor cost a lot, so its cool
new computer desk, front/rear oem carpet floormats for the jeep, Citizen ECO-Drive Watch (thanks abbie:)) Black and Decker Jig Saw, Dremel Pro Rotary Tool, Some clothes, dvd's, winning Powerball ticket (I can only HOPE!)

it was a pretty good christmas, I got alot of stuff that I wanted, and this weekend Im getting an alarm installed in the jeep compliments of my girlfriend :)
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Dec 25 2002, 11:58 AM
<- throws out his hand tools :)

throw them over here. can never have enough of any tool.. ;)

i got a bunch of clothes, a snakelight, 'quick connect' drill accessories, and a DING KING!@ i wonder if this shit works. i'll find out here in a little while..!
I'll take a R34 V Spec Bayside Blue, thank you.

<--Got shitloads of money so my car can have VTEC wtih N/A internals, y0!