What's A Good Voltmeter?

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Well, the subject pretty much says it all. For those of you who have and use voltmeters, what should I consider? Part #s would be very helpful :D .
Just get a good craftsman or other good brand Multi Meter, That way you can do just about everything (except some you cant read amps but not all) This way you can read voltage, resistance and a few other things. Very nice tool to have with todays cars.
you dont need any super high quality meter unless you are working with sensitive electronics.
Pretty much any DMM (Digital Multi Meter) from a good company like they said, is going to be good for a long time.
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fuck craftsman, go with a good meter a Fluke, Textronics or Agilent (which is HP) only ones to think about using.

This is the meter I have.
Fluke 8060A/8062A 4-1/2 Digit

New Updated Replacement Model

IMHO fluke makes one of the best and easy to use handheld meters.

And what does one os these cost?

True they aren't cheap, I think I paid $600 for mine.
but if your gonna use it for more than screwin with your car it's well worth it.
Ah, see my voltmeter is for screwing with my car. If I need something more sensative I go talk to one of my friends in EE.