Wheel Hop~Hmmm..

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ok. i have a 02 civic. boosted pushing 5.5lbs of boost. and when ever i slip off the clutch or just the wheels slip in general my wheels hop BAD. i have i think a stock sway bar. no sure if its stock or not. stock motor mounts and 18inch wheels 205/35/zr18. really bug wheel. i want smaller wheels like 15 or 16's maybe that wil stop the wheel hop? any suggestions? i thought about maybe one rear mount a bigger after market sway and a torque damper.
Wheels are way too big.. But you already know that..

Get an energy suspension motor mount insert kit from your local parts place.. They insert into the stock mounts and firm them up nicely.. Will stop 90% of that wheel hop. Or go with full on aftermarket mounts, but if you only need to spend $25 to fix a simple problem.. Why not?