Wheel/ Rims Offset

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yo what the actual offset for this car 1999 civic si? does it change depending on the rim size?

it would help if you gave us the stock rim size for the 99' I'm sure that there are a few guys/gals here that have it memorized for every make and model honda but I'll bet 70-90% of us don't .

but the short answer. offset changes with rims size.
ie. my stock wheels on my crx which are 13" for which I'm not 100 % sure of the offset but I think it's about +30-35mm
the rims I have on my car are 15" x 6.5" rims with a +40mm offset.
and for a set of 17's I'd prolly have to use a +42mm offset.
its the width, not the diameter that matters.

going from a 5" wide to a 7" wide requiers a different offset.


5.5 = +35
6.0 = +38
6.5 = +40
7.0 = +42
7.5 = you're too wide ricer :)
Good thing brian is so knowledgable with honda/acura cars!! hehe. And it's a good thing that he frequents the board. Brian is correct on all his information