Which Transmission?!?!?!?!?!

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With a 1st gen Integra with a b18c or a b18c5 what transmission would actually fit in the car and which one would work best with the engine itself??? i hear an Integ LS trannys are good for slow revving to keep working vtec longer. WHaT Do i uSe?!?!?!?!
dOn'T tYpE LiKe DiS dOoD..
the 1g integ is a d-series motor, so without a mount kit NOTHING is gonna fit (i think). with a mount kit, however, i don't see why anything won't fit..
if you are planning on turbo get an ls tranny for the longer gears but you generally don't turbo that engine anyway so i would stick with the tranny that you have in there now
Um he won't be able to run the ITR tranny in a 1st gen teg. Get a J1 cable tranny with an LSD.
So buy the tranny and the LSD seperatly. Or do what I am planning, get a tranny case with no gears in it and buy the Quaiffe gear set for the B16. It will cost a pretty penny, but not much more than a transmission and replacing all the gears from Honda.