Which Turbo? For Gsr B18c1

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slow hatch

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I'm trying to build my engine for turbo but i don't know which turbo to go with? I need something powerful to blow away V8's and other turbo honda's.
how much money do you have - and don't say unlimited.

a BASIC setup will run you 4 grand.
a GOOD setup will run you 10
a KILLER setup will run you 15-20
Hey Pissedofsol,
You said that a Basic is 4k, Good is 10k and Killer is 15-20k. I am new to the car scene and I was also looking for a good setup. I currently have a GSR and planning on swaping it into a Honda Del Sol, not a lot around where I live. Now my budget is $5000-6000. What do you think about this turbo setup (rememeber I am a noob and only gotten into cars this past feew months and initially thought of NA GSR motor):

GSR block
Type-R Head
Skunk-2 stage 2 cams
ported and polish
CTR pistons and rings
550cc fuel injectors
Hondata s300
Maybe a Greddy or A GT3255B or GT3000???

Any tips or helpful ideas will be great. Remeber, I only hav $5k-6k to use.
this thread is really old, but at least your question pertains to the original thread so ill help ya out. next time just start a new thread :thumbsup:

i wouldnt get CTR pistons. instead, take the cash you wouldve spent on those, and get a set of forged internals. it will yield greater reliability in the long run.

the skunk2 cams aren't necessary either.
head work is never a bad idea, i say go for that.

this is kind of off subject, but is also very relevant at the same time. after piecing together a turbo setup for my car, if i had to do it again, id just buy a nice kit. with 5-6k to spend, you can CERTAINLY get into a nice kit.

this kit is 4500. give these guys a call, theyre willing to work with you on parts and what not:
Full-Race Motorsports

seriously, everything is there except a chipped obd1 ecu, which can be had for ~$100 and you can have it tuned on CROME which is a free program. hondata is a waste of $$$ IMO
there are other little things youre going to need, but id seriously recommend that setup. proven to make power, and well put together.
even if you dont decide to buy the entire kit from them, get a turbo, mani, and wastegate from them. great stuff.
Thanks Matt, that was a lot og help and sorry for replying to the old thread. Lol. Once I get the parts in and everything up and running, I will post pictures and dyno chats. : )