White smoke..need help

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New Member
okay guys im new to this form dont know if i had to make an intro thread but im having probles with my 2000 civic si..i have a turbocharged b16a2 that ive noticed to be smoking..smoke comes out of the exhaust,dipstick,and from around turbo housing..things ive done to diagnose this issue is remove the turbo manifold to see if smoke came out of motor and no smoke at all..ive had the turbo inspected and from what i was told everything is fine..i was told it might be a motor problem or the drain of the turbo but the return line has no sign of clogging..if anyone can help me out with this plz. do thanx


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if its white smoke you might be leaking coolant into your combustion chamber. check your coolant level and make sure its not leaking. this is the only thing i can think of to cause white smoke.