Will This Work?

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My car is a 92 Civic Cx Hatchback(OBD 1). Can i put a 91 Integra motor(OBD 0) into my Hatch if i have a OBD 0 wiring harness coming off the engine, that connects to a OBD 0 wiring harness that goes from the engine through the firewall, that connects to an OBD 0 ECU? Will the car run fine and work properly?

Also i will bolt a hydro B18A1 tranny to the motor because my car is made for a hydro tranny.

P.S. Are the Motor Mounts on a 91 integra in the same spot as they are on a 92-95 civc?

THANKS A TON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spend the extra and get the right OBD and clutch for your car.Don't go cheap you will regret it.Also there are other wires that connect to the ECU,so no you can't just run some wires from the engine to the OBD 0 ECU.