Wiring Up An Ls

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im trying to wire up my b18b1 with a obd 0 crx dx engine harness....i already got it wired up for multi port injection (4 injectors) and now im just trying to plug it up to the motor. i altered one of the plugs on the engine harness so that it could fit the oil pressure switch. i just wanted to know if there are any plugs on the motor that are not going to be used by the engine harness. (i.e. i know with a b16 crx swap, there are 1 or 2 plugs on the motor that arent used). any other comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
i dont think you can use your dx wireing harness. i dont know who told ya that but i might be wrong. ive known to use the si wiring harness and everything is the same besides you wont use two plugs in the back. injector plugs are different and you need a non obd distributor or wire the plugs off the b18 into the harness which i believe there are two wires that are not the same color. there are two or three you wont use in the back part of the engine for sure. good luck