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i just swaped in a b16a2 99 si dohc vtec motor into a 92 civic hatchback si...someone said that i can use my 92 si harness.. and thats what i did... but the fuel injectors plugs dont plug into the 99 si motor.. and the distributor wires also dont plug in... what can i do?
you need injectors and a distributor from an obdI b series engine. im not sure if your d series injectors will work but im sure someone on here will. good luck.
if you wanna go cheap and you still have the 99-00 si harness , just cut the injectors in the order they are and connect them to your stock harness...they are all color coded.....for the distributor i opened up the si dist. and my stock dist..i looked at where the wires go and i cut the plug from the 99-00 si harness and reconnected to my stock harness...so the only difference would be that my stock harness has a 99-00 si clip at the end..then you close back up the 99-00 si dist. and plug it in...mine works fine...you dont cut anything from the dist. side only the harness side...you only open it up to determine which wire connects to which....both the dist. look identical but the plug is different..by the way what ecu are you using....