wtb d16y8 head

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Im looking to buy a d16y8 head complete, and ad16a6 bottom end complete... i also need a d16y8 header.... i also need a pm6 crx si ecu... a b series 60 mm throttle body...88-91 crx distributer.. thanks please be reasonable on price........ i live in indiana... so if u close enough ill pick up!


I posted this in the other post. Do your research on the ecu. Using the crx si electronics is not the best way to go on a sohc vtec motor. Do not buy the distributor either until you do the research. Try on here, and then do a search on www.honda-tech.com then post a new question on there if you have more questions. I haver seen this discussed before on there.
I am speaking from experience.


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CRX, are you looking for a stok y8 header or aftermarket? I have a stock 99 y8 header w/ 5K miles (its on my motor that I just bought). Here is a picture of it still on the motor. Hit me up on AIM (spooniicivic2) if you are interested.

how many miles are on the head and how much do you want for it plus shipping

get back soon thanks