Xbox 360 with 6 games, 2 controllers and more!

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This is an Xbox 360 i bought less than 5 months ago. This has honestly been played for 30 hours max. I dont have time for it. So i am selling it all. All these accessories and games were bought at the local Best Buy and have a 2 yr aftermarket warranty by the serial number. What i have to offer is...

1. Xbox 360


2. Hardrive



3. 2 wireless controllers, with plug and play recharable batteries with cables.


4. 6 games including, Fight Night 3, MLB 2006, The Outfit, Dead Rising, Saints Row and Halo 2 for the xbox.



5. Xbox Live headset


6. Belkin 4 port usb hub to allow you to connect more than 2 usb devices to your xbox 360.

I am located in Baltimore. The reason why i am selling it, is because i have no time for it. I now work 60+ hours a week and i just bought a new Jeep. As far as costs retail is expensive and that is what i paid.

Xbox premium - 400.00
Saints Row - 59.99
Dead Rising - 59.99
Fight Night 3 - 59.99
MLB 2006 - 39.99
The Outfit - 29.99
Halo 2 - 19.99
Belkin Hub - 29.99
Second wireless controller - 49.99
2 Plug and Play chargers - 39.99

That is retail as of today 10/11/2006. Total is 789.91. That is with out the 150+ i spent for the warranty.

I want 600.00 for it. Shipping will be exact and will be determined at time of sale. My zipcode is 21030 to estimate shipping. I will always take into consideration offers but i am not parting it out. I added all the current prices on ebay for most things and it is comparable to the asking price. So thanks for looking and i am always available for a contact. at my email of
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