Zc Vs. D16z6

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Is a zc block stronger than a d16z6 block?
wait not d16z6 ??????damn I can't think of it
ok I'm stupid somebody help me think of the engine thats close to a ZC
the zc's engine code is i believe d16a6zc but i am probably wrong it is dual overhead cam but not vtec like the d16z6 is SOHC VTEC if that tells you what you needed to know
does a d16a8 sound right? is that the one that is close to the same as a ZC?
In the US: ZC and D16A1/D16A3 are most similar.

Elsewhere: ZC and D16A8/D16A9 are *almost* the same motor.

In the US: The 86-89 Integra engine is basically just a detuned version of the ZC. It features flat-top pistons (ZC has domed), less aggressive cams, different rods, and a smaller intake manifold.

Elsewhere: The A8/A9 only lacks the cams of the ZC to be the same engine.

There is no D16A6ZC, there are never more than 5 characters in a Honda block code.
d16a6 is like the single cam ZC.
and yes that block is better... but the D16z6 head is better (VTEC)
a friend of mine works for bullfrog, he has a ZC with a Z6 and stroked it to 1.8L 12.6 all motor all day.
ZC is japanese version of the d16a6. D16A8 IS A ZC. they are the exact same block. If your asking us this question for a swap, pick one you can find for cheap and do it. but they are all relatively the same. if any, barely any hp/tq difference to notice.