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Check this shit out, they are cheap little rc cars to have fun with.
I say we all get some and tweak em and have a race at the next hondaswap gathering
you can also get the same thing at like Wal-Mart called MicroRacers. you can go to the site at: . the cars available are a WRX, Lancer EVO and and S2000..along with a few more i believe. they are like $25 each. they look pretty damn cool.
<--micro rs4 pro3. the closest thing ill have to a
I have a bit-charg mini s2000. Its sweet you can slide them around corners and stuff. they are lots of fun
those things are sweet! and they have all season tires available too?! lol hey, mayb once we all get em, they can add a micro section here :)
I already got the ZipZap cars. =) I got the Fast and the Furious upgrade kit, comes with the 23,500 rpm NOS Nitrous motor. =) Also has the bodies for the rx-7 and eclipse from the movie. The cat has been goin crazy tryin to catch it. I did all the gear ratio convertions and found out that the top speed is 5.2 mph, or 299 mph scale. Not bad for something the size of a matchbox. Now I just need to get a Maxima body for it. hahaha

dammm that rules! those fnf cars are funny. they got all the graphics on em and shit lol now u even got one with naaaawwwss! i been wanting to get a digi q micro so i can give my cat some exercise...but now i wouldnt mind one of these instead :) i wonder if anyone makes a rex micro.
I had some weird ones from Radio Shack. The manager ordered some directly from Japan, before the Zip Zaps got here. The Zip Zaps are still waiting to get to the MT stores, but I have my reserve on one. My old one broke after my cat got to it (grabbed antenae and shook like crazy), so that was credit for a new Zip Zap. I'll get the FnF upgrade.
What's cool about DigiQ's is that they're run off IR beams instead of a radio frequency.
about 2 or 3 years ago in Car and Driver they had a gas powered r c car that was an Orange 911 turbo. They started the artical saying something like ...This porsche can rev to 18K (it really did rev that high) and handle turn like no other... and had a pic that made it really look like it was a real car. It was so tight. The only thing it was like $2k I remember it had like only 1 or 2 hp
ok, i went to a hobby shop near my work today...Gyro hobbies in lake forest, ca...and first of all, they are a bunch of big PHAGS, so dont go there. they acted like they didnt want to help me, and i was the only customer in the store. the guy showed me a digiQ and a microracer (i think thats what it was called). the digiQ was 69.99 and the micro one was 29.99. i asked hime what the difference was, he said the digiQ comes with a better radio, thats all. then i asked them (there were like 5 of them there talking) where they fly the r/c planes nearby cause there store was filled with them and I happen to have anold oe that i havent flown yet. the one guy told me to go read the bathroom wall! the stupid wall had the phone numbers of two flying clubs in the area...that isnt what i asked for. DICKS!!
Hey just thought I'd let you guys know somethin here. Ive had my Zip Zap from Radio Shack for about a week now. It seems like the battery isnt holding much of a charge anymore, (like 1-1.5 minutes instead of the original 4-5 minutes) and it seems to run a LOT slower than it did for the first few days. Its only $20 for the car, and another $15 for the upgrade kit, but thats still come change for somethin that wears out in a weeks worth of use. Just thought I'd pass on the info.

-PissedOffMaxima (even more so now that I have 2 slow cars, one's just really small)
i always hated radio shack, though i feel your pain. im surprised radio shack hasnt gone belly up after all these years. last time i checked (about 10 years ago) their products were all sucky and overpriced too. i guess the cell phone business saved their ass.