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    TPS help needed FAST!

    you take a dremel and cut a slit into the two screws so that you can use a flathead screwdriver to take them out
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    What ecu is the p28?

    also it is in 92-95 civic si and 93-95 del sol si
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    Three sets Hyper Ground Systems

    I might be interested where do they have to be bolted up to get the best gains on a GS-R? and what colors are they
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    Three sets Hyper Ground Systems

    if i ordered a set would you include ideas for good mounting points on a 96 GS-R
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    Cam specs?

    if they are b series cams and you know who made them and which ones they are you can look for them in the reference section here
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    obd2a p73 ecu fs/ft

    bump 4 days left need to sell so i can get hondata tuning
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    Sleeper Exhaust

    Greddy SP cat back exhaust sounds very very nice
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    best chip

    it is without a doubt 100% the best chip for your car AEM EMS but its very expensive but allows total tuning of the ecu and is stand alone
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    SOHC or DOHC

    i spent ten times as much getting the del sol into the 15s (read 15.9) then i had to spend getting the integra into the 14s (read mid-low 14s) what do you think is better
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    does anybody know where the Baro sensor is?

    baro is inside the Ecu... sounds like you need a new ecu
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    obd2a p73 ecu fs/ft

    posted on ebay
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    obd2a p73 ecu fs/ft

    bump for hondata tuning
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    do i really need valvesprings and retainers?

    i agree with locohonkey on this one stock cams and rev limit kept and it is unnecessery to upgrade valvetrain but 400 hp unless it is boosted is going to need to rev high so which method are you taking boosted=dont need upgraded valvetrain N/A = if you dont then your never gonna make it to 400...
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    obd2a p73 ecu fs/ft

    forgot to add USDM
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    obd2a p73 ecu fs/ft

    i purchased this ecu to run on my 96 integra gsr but decided to get hondata instead mostly wanting cash but might be willing to take trades make offers