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  1. rhymeshark916

    94 delsol modded worth the price?

    I would tell him to get it dyno along with a compression test.. Without it, I wouldn't buy. Running a P30 map with a hi-comp built motor is asking for disaster. SMH. I wouldn't even drive it without a P73 map at the least.
  2. rhymeshark916

    car shaking

    I laugh at this kid try-hard trolling.
  3. rhymeshark916

    what to do next???

    This kid needs dire help, immediately.
  4. rhymeshark916

    CA BAR: FAILED; 92 Vx with 95 B18c1

    Well the one I have is practically brand new. It might be f*ked up due to last motor running super rich. I don't really know. NTK/NGK what not.
  5. rhymeshark916

    CA BAR: FAILED; 92 Vx with 95 B18c1

    :mad: :mad::mad: New with the fresh build on the other motor with just a little over 100 miles. I think the O2 is not working properly or just suck for $50.
  6. rhymeshark916

    b16a2 to a b18c5

    Just kill him already. :slap:
  7. rhymeshark916

    CA BAR: FAILED; 92 Vx with 95 B18c1

    UPDATE: New GSR swap. Didn't change a thing but using my spark plug wires, O2 sensor and Magnaflow Cat. Here is the result. Obviously, how do you lower the HC now?
  8. rhymeshark916

    COD: Black ops

    Send me a message if y'all want to get on some BO! Best via XBOX.
  9. rhymeshark916

    Hello D Series Guys. im new and i want3ed to intro my EK3.

    Nice. Swapping a B series anytime soon?
  10. rhymeshark916

    Whats up with these 25 dollar knock sensors on ebay/amazon?

    Buy it and let us know how it goes. That is cheap for the price. I might have to stock those up.
  11. rhymeshark916

    engine sell

    Lock this. What a troll.
  12. rhymeshark916

    96 civic dx coupe

    You need to get kneed in your 19 year old balls. That's if you have one. You're one of those NOOB kids on XBL with your squealing ass voice. Lock this thread please.
  13. rhymeshark916


    Seriously? Is it legit? Two threads with the same questions. LMK. I'll buy it.
  14. rhymeshark916

    how much hp does a b16a2 have

    135whp. This thread should be lock. LOL @ I/E/H=220hp
  15. rhymeshark916

    CA BAR: FAILED; 92 Vx with 95 B18c1

    Update: Pulled the header off and there's oil in the two middle exhaust ports.(3 &2?) F*cking bad valve seals. Even though it is brand new with new valve guides.
  16. rhymeshark916

    Official what XBOX360 games you play, lets get down sucka!

    Who wants to do some shooting? Currently online. Holla!
  17. rhymeshark916

    Modern Warfare 3 Discussion

    It's not $60 at the retail store? Or is it $50? I look for ebay or amazon deals. PSN? :thumbsdown:
  18. rhymeshark916

    COD: Black ops

    I'm hopping on XBL as we speak.
  19. rhymeshark916

    CA BAR: FAILED; 92 Vx with 95 B18c1

    Brand new and I know it is shitty. Can't compare to OEM. I'm going to have to say it's not the "nicest" either.
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