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    What To Swap Into An 89 Crx Si

    My brother blew his motor in his '89 crx si last week (at 242K miles) He is selling me the car for only $500. The clutch is alittle over a year old and the drive shafts are about 6 months old. I only have $1000 left. I have a blown D16Y8 from my 98 civic ex. JIS Japan said they can get me a...
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    Carb To Fi

    I didnt think about the pressurized fuel. So I would probably have to change the gas tank and all the fuel lines. I can probably handle the wiring with help from a helms. What about the engine swap? Do I need aftermarket motor mounts or will the B-series work? I know I will need a cable...
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    surges while accelerating

    I got that B&M comando fuel pressure regulator. The car picks up so more speed when vtec kicks in and it doesn't surge anymore. I checked the plugs they looked good the wires should be good, and they were in there good. I think it was just burning too lean. But I have only had it on there...
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    Carb To Fi

    This is guy at my work is selling a '87 civic. Its carb, has about 150K miles, and the body has not dents but only needs a paintjob. How hard would it be to put a b16a in it or would this be a waste of time? He only wants $150 for it.
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    Dc 4-1 Or Dc 4-2-1

    My friend at work is doing a swap he built an ls/crv motor and has a dc 4-2-1 header and he wants to swap me for mine (DC 4-1). Does it sound like a good trade? I plan on adding a vortech supercharger once I pay for all my tickets. Should be in by April, I've been kinda lazzy :sleep:
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    surges while accelerating

    I'm planning on changing my clutch myself. My clutch isn't slipping but it doesnt disengage completly when I shift fast. It doesnt happen all the time. Its been doing that for about four months. I'm getting a stage two clutch kit. I have never balanced my flywheel or anybodys flywheel when...
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    B16a Into A 98 Ex

    I did a b16a2 swap in my 98 ex. I took one full day. use your wire harness and get a gsr ecu (obd2), need a del sol radiator with hoses, and everything else you need should come with the motor. I have no A/C or power steering, but I think for the A/C all you need is the A/C bracket off the...
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    surges while accelerating

    It idles fine, If it was a bent rim would the tire place notice it when they are balancing them? I might be a bent rim, about six months ago I hit a pothole and it cracked a rim and I slid off the road into a bunch of small trees. I was going about 45 around a turn on a country road. I have...
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    surges while accelerating

    a couple of weeks ago I finally put my rims back on and I forgot how rough it is when you hit one of those Texas Tittys or what ever you call those big round bumps they stick in the road to piss you off. At my work they use them as speed bumps and I didnt slow down enough and hit one and put a...
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    engine light on after test pipe put on

    I had the same problem when I made a testpipe for my car. I found someone on ebay that made an O2 simulator for the second O2 sensor. It took forever to find one. I couldn't find anything for a civic in summit but they do have some for other cars they might have some for civics now.
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    secondary O2 sensor

    according to the Air/Fuel meter (hooked to the primary O2 sensor) at idle it varies from .05V to .55V at full throttle its around .65V. This is a ruff estimate I will hook a volt meter to it in a couple of days to get an accurate reading. What do I want to be around at idle and full throttle...
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    secondary O2 sensor

    My CEL keeps coming on for secondary O2 sensor. If my car is burning too lean could that cause it to trip the sensor? The sensor has been goes off randomly ever since I did the swap. I put an HKS cat-back exhaust the same time as the swap. I had my stock cat so I swapped it out with a High...
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    vtec light

    When I let my friends drive they keep seeing the red light come on and they shift. Keeps them from ragging on it. :D
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