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  1. J

    my new car

    People can call any car they want gay. Until that gay car out performs their piece of shit. I once saw an escort(same bodystyle in question) at a stop light. This dude with an afro was jamming to some kinda techno and the liscense plate said vegeta. Light turned green and my jaw hit the damn...
  2. J

    courtney day is a ricer

    Damn I would'nt even go work. I'd just hit it all day long
  3. J

    Fayetteville/Ft.Bragg/Springlake NC

    Chesapeake,va if your familiar with it then im in the western branch area
  4. J

    need some help with my wrangler

    hey thanks yall I am quite sorry to say that a more important project has arisen. The Serpentine belt, i noticed she was cracked pretty badly when i changed the oil the other night. thank you for the help.
  5. J

    need some help with my wrangler

    i know this isnt a honda question but ive been looking for this for two days and still cant hit the barn with a beachball.:unsure: I'm going to put a clarion head unit in my 99 wrangler tj. My dilemna is trying to get the cover plate off, or do I need to take most of the dash off too. I dont...
  6. J


    ive installed the coilovers on my buddy's 94 ex and i had a set of springs on my rex the springs suck. They go bad in about six months depending on how hard you drive. the coilovers suck too i didnt get to see what the problem was before he shit canned em. So as my Granddaddy used to say"...
  7. J

    Offical Halloween costume thread

    damn yall need some creativity this Halloween i shall be scuba steve :D and if your still lost you got to have seen the movie "big daddy" P.S. i second those pics civicgirlracer97
  8. J

    project: pissedoffsol

    aluminum can be tig welded and mig welded i am government qualified in both. (norfolk naval shipayrd) B i've done the relocation of the pipes on the intercooler. it's not very hard at all. i would need intstructions or rather blueprints pointing out the measurement to move the pipes. i...
  9. J

    Removing axles

    :tisk:DO NOT USE A PICKLE FORK FOR THE BALL JOINTS. you'll kill the ball joints in the long run. Man i wish i had a air compressor. i got a bfsw(big fucking socket wrench), a four foot pipe, and my fat friend. I'm poor what can i say.
  10. J

    need help with prank

    jeef thats the funniest thing ive heard today. props for bringing the stink palm back into play becuase i hadnt seen that movie in ages
  11. J

    fastest civic crx

    there is no lx crx dude. hf, dx, and si buddy. but whatever it is you got it to 119. when i was sixteen and i first got my rex i did about 125+ down a long hill but those days are over she never runs that hard anymore. *sniff sniff* memories*sniff sniff*
  12. J

    SON OF A B****

    sorry to hear about your stuff dude make it hard and tedious for your shit to be removed. on my dads 87 monte carlo ss i screwed the deck to the sleeve(in the far corners dont worry) with one flat head screw and one phillips. then the plate i used to set the sleeve in i screwed two screws(one...
  13. J

    fav movie

    OFFICE SPACE and at a distance the bourne identity
  14. J

    Who's the fastest?

    i just bought a 99 wrangler kinda funny thing happened when i when to fill it up the first time as my other car is the dx rex. The jeep just kept going :o then when i thought it had stopped...........nope not even was as if it was taking a beer bong.
  15. J


    man i totally agree with the toilet and the bathroom exits. but what about a "no farting sign" or"farting prohibited"
  16. J

    cooking eggs on your dash

    man if the guy who invented the stove found out he had this much competition he prolly would gave the hell up
  17. J

    Vtec Engines???

    well done
  18. J

    trials and tribulations of performance

    oh god i had to replace a rear motor mount on the zc. i feel for ya. cant see shit dropping the one socket you need. your working with a socket wrench extension thats as long as the cat on the ground next to ya. oh yeah fun times and the coil overs i mentioned earlier, i used pb on that...
  19. J


    you guys dont pull the fuse out disconnecting the battery does it?
  20. J

    Mike Tyson

    hell yeah dude
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