1. KingPetty

    Simplest 93 Accord engine swap

    Just purchased a 93 Honda Accord 5 speed looking to put a motor in it and don’t wanna mess with the tranny what engine would be the best to mount up to it to give it more umph so to speak? Need advice to make a decent daily driver and nice looking
  2. Xanatos

    JDM H23a Bluetop Swap Guide for 93-97 Accord

    JDM H23A Bluetop Swap Guide I've seen checklists for swaps like this but I thought I would give my .02 from having done this personally. For the H23a into a 93-97 accord it's not just about a motor and a car, in a lot of ways there's kind of a theory-crafting that goes into it. For this...
  3. P

    H22/H23 Accord w/ AC

    I have an H23 in my 94 lx 4door and i kept my a/c. Here's how i did it. First you will need to leave the a/c compressor hooked up - do not disconnect it. You can work around it. When you get the engine out, pull the a/c bracket off your old block (F22) then put it on the Prelude motor. It...